Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tis the Season to Buy a House in Orlando

The City Beautiful, Orlando, has always been the place to go with kids for a Theme Park adventure. From all those Kingdoms of Legoland to The Cindrella Castle at Magic Kingdom, Orlando has delivered thousands of smiles to Americans. But now Orlando has something more to offer – an opportunity to own a house!

After seeing a lot of see saw in the recent years, the Real Estate market in Orlando has found the perfect balance between Buyers and Sellers. According to Trulia, the real estate site, the median sales price for homes in Orlando FL from Aug 14 to Nov 14 was $165,000. This represents a decline of 4.9%, or $8,485, compared to the prior quarter, making it the best time to buy a house in Orlando.

At the same time, Zillow predicts this will rise 5.3% within the next year. The average sales prices have appreciated 33.7% over the last 5 years. So if you are looking just to invest or to buy your first home, Orlando real estate has a lot to offer this season. Combine this with the rising employment opportunities due to upcoming Interstate 4 overhaul project, and it becomes a perfect setting for you to have your first home.

Seasons also play an important role when looking to buy a house. And what could be a better time than the Christmas Season!  Home prices are at a 12-month low at this time. Moreover, if a person has their home on the market over Christmas, that person is definitely serious about negotiating and selling that home. You can bet on that.

Most importantly, Americans are most generous during this time of the year. One may receive a reduced price because maybe  the seller's wife says "Hey honey, it's Christmas." Alas, this is a great season for Central Florida real estate, so avoid the lines at the retailers and start looking for your next house.

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